Coming Soon in Clean Sheets…

…two more erotic poems that are worth the wait. My editor tells me September 2014. I’ll post the link when they’re published at Clean Sheets.

As you can tell, it’s been a busy, steamy, productive summer. Stay tuned, darlings.



Acceptance Letter for More Poems–Let’s Celebrate <3

O'keeffe 8-21-13 plums in bowl

Delicious news, darlings: I’ve just had an acceptance letter from Nefarious Ballerina. Five of my sexy erotic poems will appear in their next issue, due to be published in November. The editor asked if I’d pass along to my fellow erotic poets that they are accepting submissions until August 31st. Hurry and send something scorching their way, loves. Here’s more info about them, including guidelines. I love their literary aesthetic statement:

“Nefarious Ballerina is centered around erotica but is about so much more. As sexual beings we exist on many other planes than just the animal: religous, mystical, mythical, spritual, historical, literary…The poetry we publish has that certain extra intangible about it….We are interested in the intelligently erotic….It’s the fire that burns in our heads and hearts as well as our loins. It’s more about what goes on above the waist than below it. It’s about the animal in us that makes us human and how much we’ve evolved as a species — and how much we’ve stayed the same.

Lately I’ve discovered that we’re looking for so much more, more layers of meaning, and searching for a greater context…sensual, but also historical, spiritual, mythical, psychic…all these other parts of our being that are likewise looking to be satisfied. Above all we’re looking for talent and an
appreciation of how your particular piece of writing or artwork becomes part of the larger discourse of human experience. Take me to the second circle of hell and back again…”!nefarious-ballerina/c106l

Podcast News <3

I’m thrilled that it’s time to share the news: I was a guest on the delicious webcast, Lickety Split, reading my story, “The Exhibition,” which will soon be published in Little Raven Two. For your pleasure:

purple iris

My Fiction, “The Exhibition,” Accepted!

Wonderful news– my story, “The Exhibition,” has been accepted for forthcoming publication in a wonderful erotica magazine, Little Raven. I’m working on final rounds of edits now. Stay tuned! Until then, here’s a little plot teaser:

Blue flower

The photography exhibition, What You (Don’t) See: The Extraordinary Nude, will take place next Friday. Marcy’s determined to make the best of her return behind the lens with her images documenting the faces of orgasm.

Capturing a friend, a former love, and two strangers, Marcy is taken by the intimate creative force that unspools from her printer. “That sparkly essence of letting go–the body seeping exquisite pleasure. These emittances from contorted faces are not something to turn from. They mesmerize. Each—a sacrament drawn from the deeps of desire.”

Will her models inspire her to loosen her inhibitions and shutter-click her own pleasure peak?