Marina Kris’ writing has appeared in over fifty publications, including Clean Sheets, The Erotic Woman, Cliterature, L’Allure des Mots, and the Hot Summer Nights anthology.


In 2017, her short story “My German” was published in The New Urge Reader, Vol. 3, Erotic Fiction by New Women Writers. Another story, “Mother’s Milk,” appeared in 2015 in The New Urge Reader, Vol. 2.


She adores swimming.


20 thoughts on “About Marina

  1. I’ve been remiss in extending my sincere thanks for your follow – it is a lovely surprise and a great encouragement. I’m not in bloggy wog land nearly as much as I’d like to be but I look forward to catching up on yours and sharing more secrets and inspirations when we can! 🙂 Lola Moi xo

      1. Hi,

        I’m only here briefly – my beautiful blog’s been deactivated. WP has temporarily allowed me to access my dashboard while I make a permanent shift to

        My ‘new’ blog is still a work in process… I hope to have it fully functional again by the end of the summer.

        I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement in this experiment of mine – it meant a great deal to me. 🙂 I wish you all the best in all you do – heart, mind, and soul.

        Lola xo

  2. every day we stumble exactly where we are suppose to … thank you for the blog follow and I am glad I clicked back – not only have you given me an avenue of marketing but you’ve allowed me to share in the wonder of your writing … thank you very much!

  3. hey. thx for dropping by.. Clearly, an amateur blogger that I am, I might learn a lot about writing from you… Your feedback shall be appreciated…
    If it ain’t much of a hassle, do check out my ‘Who’s pooh’ post… Thanks

  4. Hi you might be interested to know that the National Library of Australia has archived due to its significant cultural value the work of Australia’s leading erotic poet colin leslie dean

    You can view the site at
    Gamahucher Press/colin leslie dean was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. This title is scheduled to be re-archived regularly.

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