Wonderful news– my story, “The Exhibition,” has been accepted for forthcoming publication in a wonderful erotica magazine, Little Raven. I’m working on final rounds of edits now. Stay tuned! Until then, here’s a little plot teaser:

Blue flower

The photography exhibition, What You (Don’t) See: The Extraordinary Nude, will take place next Friday. Marcy’s determined to make the best of her return behind the lens with her images documenting the faces of orgasm.

Capturing a friend, a former love, and two strangers, Marcy is taken by the intimate creative force that unspools from her printer. “That sparkly essence of letting go–the body seeping exquisite pleasure. These emittances from contorted faces are not something to turn from. They mesmerize. Each—a sacrament drawn from the deeps of desire.”

Will her models inspire her to loosen her inhibitions and shutter-click her own pleasure peak?


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