2 thoughts on ““Head Shots” published at The Erotic Woman–July 2012

    1. Sure, hon. I’ll just post the poem from the link here. Hope you enjoy.

      Head Shots

      By Marina Kris

      We went to the same college
      ten years ago and I wonder
      as your neck bends backwards
      for the teeth of the tiger to suckle
      its lily length, how he fucks into you
      your husband, the father
      of your four children, how you play
      a sultry slippery game the camera savors
      against the defiant drape you let slip off
      your eyes dip as if down onto a cock
      you work with your lips.

      In college you came
      back to brag you’d gone down
      on him in the chapel’s back pew,
      the key you’d stolen
      from your roommate who cleaned the place,
      how you’d barely finished before
      the noon service, how hungry in return he’d made
      your snatch, your woman purse, your pussy
      you called it before I even knew how to pet mine
      into submission that rode me into supple
      relaxation. He bent me almost backwards
      into the wood, I took in his wood, I took it in
      so damn deep, you laughed, still more than half drunk.
      These years later, just a silver knick of the c-section scar
      in black and white they eye almost fails to notice
      but those breasts, my god those tits
      with their milky brown aureoles still so supple in the photos
      in your modeling portfolio
      I imagine the taste of his breath at your peeled
      opening, the calyx of my tongue flicking your moaning.

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